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Water Tank Installation Melbourne

Looking for Water Tank Installation Melbourne ?

Melbourne is known for experiencing the odd drought every now, and then that’s why so many homeowners need to invest in an above-ground or underground water tank. Having a water tank not only solves your water problem but it also is environmentally friendly because you’re using water that would otherwise be wasted. That said a water tank has to be installed correctly and that is where our water tank installation Melbourne comes in.

At Plumber Nearby, we are the leading water tank plumber offering water tank installation, repair, replacement, and inspection services. Whether your water tank is underground or above ground, we will make sure that it is working exactly as it should. Not to mention the fact that our services are competitively priced so you’ll save time and money when choosing us to fix or install your water tank.

Water Tank Installation Melbourne

A Cost-Effective and Durable Water Tank Installation Service

One of the biggest problems we see with water tank installs in general, is that it is done incorrectly. Incorrect installation by a plumber that does not have enough experience will end up shortening the life of the tank and affect your existing plumbing system in the long run.

At Plumber Nearby, we use the latest technology and a team of skilled plumbers who take every measure to ensure that the tank is installed or replaced correctly. We also have a reputation for installing an array of water tanks, pumps and other types of plumbing. So, you can be assured of an uninterrupted water supply from the water tank.

New Rain Water Tank Installation in Melbourne

We can install brand new tanks on your property. Our team starts with first working with you to find the best place to install the water tank. The goal is to find a location where the water tank can collect the most rainwater, which means the tank can fill up more efficiently whilst meeting all your needs with the least amount of rainfall.

Big Water Tank Installation Melbourne

Our Water Tank Plumbing Services:

Water Tank Installation Warranty

Incorrect water tank installation will void a manufacturers warranty. Here is an example from BlueScope Steel:

This warranty will not apply in the following cases:

i) defects attributed to faulty design, method of manufacture or installation of the End Product including
problems associated with ponding and damage arising from or caused by the tank platform or stand; for installation and use.

ii) mechanical, chemical or other damage sustained during transport, handling, storage, installation or subsequent to installation.

iii) failure to install, use and maintain the End Product in accordance with BlueScope Steel’s guidelines and
applicable industry standards, including, but not limited to, Technical Bulletin TB-3 “AQUAPLATE® steel for Water Tanks”.

More Information available here:–material-warranties/article-27-sub–warranty–water-tanks 

Connecting the Water Tank to Your Plumbing

Our water tank installs also includes connecting the tank to your plumbing system. It can go to whichever system you prefer, for instance, you can get the water to pass through a filtration device and then to the primary water system. We can also connect it so that it works as a separate entity in your home.

Regardless of what you need, we have the means and the experience to do it. All you have to do is call us to discuss your water tank installation needs and leave the rest to our plumbers. Call us today to book an appointment or to get a quote for a water tank installation Melbourne in your home.

Water Tank Plumbing Connection
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