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Gas Line Installation Melbourne

Need a reliable Gas Line Plumber in Melbourne?

Gas lines are one of the primary contributors to a network of highly developed infrastructure in Melbourne. It is important to have a safe and uninterrupted supply of gas for hot water, stoves, ovens and heating to name a few.

Gas Installs have some of the highest safety measures in the plumbing industry, and Gas Plumbers need to meet these requirements at all times as a gas leakage could ultimately lead to fire.

Plumber Nearby follows government approved standard operating procedure to ensure a safe natural gas line installation.

Installing new gas lines

A new build needs to have a new gas line installed or an existing home or building may need old degraded and potentially unsafe lines replaced by a licensed professional gas plumber.

On certain new homes an underground gas line installation may require digging & excavation because the natural gas has to be flowed into your home through your newly installed service line.

Gas Line Installation Melbourne

Gas Line Installation for a Outdoor Barbeque

Many people prefer to have a outdoor BBQ connected to natural gas instead of LPG to save them from refilling gas bottles all the time. Not to mentioned the nightmare of gas running out when halfway through cooking your ruin a perfect steak!

The capacity of the main gas line meter to be checked before opting for a natural gas pipe installation for your outdoor barbeque. A network of new gas pipe may need to be installed to supply natural gas from your primary service line to the outdoor barbeque. We have all the necessary equipment, experience and machinery to carry out all types of gas line installation and replacement for your bbq area.

Outdoor BBQ Natural Gas Install Melbourne

Our Melbourne Gas Plumbing Services:

  • Gas Line Leak Detection & Repairs
  • New Gas Line Installations
  • Gas Line Replacement
  • Outdoor BBQ Gas Lines
  • Outdoor Heater Gas Lines
  • Swimming Pool & Spa Gas Heating

Gas Safety & Gas installation Regulations

Energy Safe Victoria Gas Installations & Approvals

Regardless of the size of you project, all Gas Installations and Gas Fitting work is required by law to be carried out by a qualified plumber. More information on the Gas Safety Regulations can be found on the Energy Safe Victoria website here. To get a quote or discuss your project contact Plumber Nearby today.

Ready to get help with your Gas Line Install?

Gas lines are required to safely flow the gas from your main service line to your gas based home appliances. This requires testing of the existing as well as the new gas line; certain drilling and digging are also involved.

Plumber Nearby understands your concern for a new gas line installation cost as we all as the safety. We always discuss with the clients to understand their requirements and study the existing condition of the work area and the gas pipeline and come up with the best pricing plan for a new gas line installation.

Gas Line Plumber Melbourne
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